What is Genital Herpes

It is presented with small vesicles around the foreskin or around the peel of the penis or sometimes above the genital skin. It is highly infected in nature and can be transmitted directly from one person to another through skin to skin touch or sexual activity. One can acquire genital herpes or oral herpes simplex through an oral sexual activity. The vesicle sometimes ulcers after a few days to form an ugly crusted wound on the genitalia or lip border.

What are the Causes of the genital herpes?

  • STD affect millions of people.
  • It spreads easily.
  • Anyone can get infected.
  • Herpes simplex virus is herpetic sore virus.
  • It causes painful blisters and sores in and around the genital areas.
  • Genital herpes is spread by direct contact with an infected person. Sexual intercourse and oral sex are the most common methods of spreading genital herpes.
  • Those who are sexually active, especially those who have sex without using condoms, are most at risk.

Symptoms Of Genital Herpes

Symptoms of genital herpes infection vary among individuals. During the first outbreak, the initial sign may be a tingling sensation at or around the site of infection. The skin may be irritable or red, and it is often followed by blisters. The blisters may look like small pimples and will rupture, forming an ulcer that will then fade away. In genital herpes, the incubation period is about a week or sometimes less than a few days. A person shows legion only after a few days of sexual activity with a person having a herpes infection.

STD symptoms develop within 2 to 20 days after contact and continue for 2 weeks because it is very mild and goes unnoticed, especially in people with partial immunity to the virus.

Location of Genital Herpes

  • In the male, genital herpes lesions (sores) usually appear on the genitalia.
  • In the female, lesions are sometimes seen on the labia majora and in the labia minora the lesions can be seen outside the vagina, but they are usually inside the vagina where they can cause irritation or discharge, but they are May not be seen in clinical examination.
  • Herpes can be found around the anal opening, perineum or even the scrotum in some patients

Medical Treatment

Genital herpes – Genital herpes treatment aims to relieve the discomfort of herpes sores and reduce the time taken by an outbreak to treat. Treatment proves very effective when its outbreak begins. This should be done especially in the case of recurrent genital herpes.

Antiviral drugs – Acyclovir, Val acyclovir and famciclovir are antiviral drugs used in the treatment of genital herpes.

Viral shedding– Treatment only ensures rapid healing of the eruption and reduces the possibility of viral shedding.